2 Hour Daytime Bay Charter

Cruise the gorgeous Mission Bay in style.  Gather your favorite friends, family members, or coworkers and enjoy one of the most beautiful destinations in San Diego.  This quick tour of the bay on our yacht charter is a perfect addition to a San Diego day.

$600  -  up to 6 people

$800  -  up to 12 people

3 Hour Daytime Bay Cruise

Relax and cruise the gorgeous Mission Bay.  The Three hour cruise is the perfect length to ride around your favorite Mission Bay sights.  Anchor out in the bay to enjoy water activities, sunsoaking, and socializing with your friends, family, or coworkers.  

$800  -  up to 6 people

$1000  -  up to 12 people

3 Hour Sunset Bay Cruise

Nothing is more beautiful than a Mission Bay cruise at sunset followed by fireworks and shared with your friends, family, or coworkers.  Enjoy the end of the hot day and cap it off with the magic of twilight during our three hour sunset charter yacht cruise.  This is what San Diego is all about.

$800  -  up to 6 people

$1000  -  up to 12 people

Custom Private Events

We host a plethora of private events from bachelorette parties to anniversaries to corporate events.  Would you like to showcase a public speaker, a musical artist, or renew your vows?  We can transform the bow of our yacht to the perfect venue for concerts, speeches or ceremonies.

Imagine book signings, graduation parties, birthday parties, special VIP parties and more.  Get creative!  Our Vessel awaits!

Call for details and bookings.

Ash Scattering Memorials

A memorial service on the sea - attended by just the immediate family or as many family and friends as you would like. Our attended services have many options.

We partner with Ashes On the Sea and do our best to make the service a perfect reminder of your loved one's life while bringing comfort and closure.

Call for details and bookings.

Live Music Boat Concert

Enjoy live music onboard the Osprey62.  We have a choice of music partners who provide fun, interactive musical entertainment from acoustic pop to jazz to Spanish to classical.  

Concert onboard while anchored out in the middle of Mission Bay.  Includes a bay cruise.

$1200  -  call for details